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On behalf of Salute the Troops, we would like to invite your organization to participate as a sponsor for our 5th Annual Veterans Gala, “Welcome Home; A Fifty-Year Salute.” During this event, we pay tribute to Vietnam veterans. 
This event is the major fundraising opportunity for our organization’s expansion; serving veterans, service-members, and their families in Mideastern Wisconsin. It is through your generous support we are able to reach out to the 46,741 veterans, 12.5% of the veteran population, in the State of Wisconsin. There are more service-members and family members, as well.

Some sobering statistics: Of the nearly 3 million Americans who served in Vietnam, less than 850,000 are estimated to be alive today; Fond du Lac county alone has been home to 6,250 Vietnam Era Veterans; and Nationwide, 390 Vietnam Era Veterans die every day. 
Salute the Troops Inc., focuses its’ energy on empowering veterans, service-members, and their families via the following areas:
Fostering Camaraderie 
Financial Assistance
Educating the Public
Creating Awareness
Please review our opportunities for sponsorship. We hope you will support our cause and consider our request. Thank you for your consideration. Should you have questions, please contact Vicky at vicky@salutethetroopswi.org

Become a sponsor
For all inquiries about sponsoring the Gala, please email Vicky Melius: vicky@salutethetroopswi.org

Commitment to Our Sponsors:
We value our collaboration with you as a philanthropic partnership and we will serve as good stewards of your generous gift. We are committed to developing valuable benefits and a positive partnership experience to each Salute the Troops sponsor.

Platinum Sponsor $1,000 Sponsorship
Eight (8) complimentary tickets to the event
Evening program recognition
Exclusive sponsorship recognition on your table
Recognition in all event promotions, including online, print, and radio.

Gold Sponsor $750 Sponsorship
 Six (6) complimentary tickets to the event
Evening program recognition
Exclusive sponsorship recognition on your table
Recognition on our various online platforms

Silver Sponsor $500 Sponsorship
Four (4) complimentary tickets to the event
Evening program recognition
​Sponsorship recognition at your table

If you desire a different contribution level, such as an in-kind sponsorship, please contact us about unique underwriting opportunities. Sponsors get first right of refusal to sponsor next year's events. To be included in promotional materials, sponsorship must be received by October 26, 2018.


Individuals interested in purchasing tickets to the gala should contact Vicky at vicky@salutethetroopswi.org. Individuals tickets are $75 each.

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