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Warrior House

(Past Programming)


  • Provide safe, affordable, and temporary housing

  • Develop an individualized goal/ treatment plan in collaboration with other veteran organizations 

  • Provide case management services in cooperation with our partners 

  • Increase job skills and training while working with local employers 

  • Improve income stability

  • Assist each veteran to secure permanent housing and achieve self-sufficiency


  • A country-living environment

  • Space for 4 veterans

  • A comfortable living room, equipped with a TV and library

  • A spacious kitchen fully loaded with pantry and fresh items

  • A full garage to utilize for work outs and woodworking

  • Lolli, a service-trained black lab

Dog (1).jpg

This was a great program that ran for 2 years and through partnerships with other veteran organization and local employers in the community Salute the Troops provided a temporary rehabilitation haven for veterans while helping them seek employment and independent housing.

The Warrior House was open to male veterans to help them better themselves by building a strong physical, mental, and psychological foundation through counseling, therapy, employment, financial security, and group interaction in a stable living environment.

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