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Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Salute the Troops’ Warrior House, located at W462 Highway 67 in Lomira, is now accepting male veterans seeking transitional housing and support.  

The Warrior House, managed by Salute the Troops, aims to create opportunities to foster positive rental history, collaborate with local employers to initiate employment opportunities, empower veterans to find purpose through supportive programming designed specifically for each veteran, all while supporting the community.

“The Warrior House is an outstanding facility and Salute the Troops is overwhelmed with the generous support we’ve received” said Dan Tinsley, Salute the Troops Board of Directors President. “We very much look forward to assisting the veterans in Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Dodge counties through the Warrior House.”

The Warrior House is open to male veterans who seek to better themselves by building a strong physical, mental and psychological foundation through counseling, therapy, employment, financial security, and group interaction in a stable living environment.

“We’re eager to work with veterans through our Warrior House” said Richard Feustel, Warrior House director and Salute the Troops board member. “We have a house manager, he himself is a veteran, who is ready to walk with fellow vets through their journey of healing.. Resources are available and we’re excited to open this new chapter with Salute the Troops.” Salute the Troops seeks to support local service-members, veterans, and their families through financial assistance, resource brokering, and supportive programming while creating awareness, delivering education, and fostering camaraderie all while stimulating economic development in our community.

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